Frequently Asked Questions 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have been in business for 5 years and have performed over 300 weddings for couples all over the area.

Where do you perform weddings?

My home-base is Manchester, TN but I serve the Middle and Eastern Tennessee area including Nashville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga and of course their surrounding counties and cities. I usually stay within a 100-mile radius of Manchester, but have made special exceptions to other areas as well as Northern Georgia & Alabama. 

Are you Ordained or Licensed to perform wedding Ceremonies?

Yes!  I am a Licensed Chaplain. I received my chaplaincy and became ordained in 2013 while still a practicing nurse in geriatrics and hospice care. 

Do you do Elopements?

Yes!  I love elopements!  I have performed many, many elopements here in Manchester at my home and at "The Marryin' Bridge" in Old Stone Fort State Park. I will also come to your chosen destination or home for a private ceremony as well.

How soon should we book you?

Immediately if not sooner!  For some reason couples seem to think they can wait on their Officiant until after they book their venue, DJ, photographer, caterer...but REMEMBER, without me, there is no marriage.  For every vendor you call that is booked on your wedding date, there is an Officiant booked on that date as well, so don't assume you can wait until the last minute to book your Officiant or you'll be scrambling in the peak wedding months of May, June, September & October. Call me as soon as you know your date.  My calendar starts filling 6 months to a year in advance just like any other vendor.

Where do we get our marriage license?

No earlier than 30 days before your wedding date, you will both need to go down to your local County Clerks Office to purchase your marriage license. You will both need your picture ID's and your Social Security Cards. Some counties allow you to pre-register online for your license, but still require you to show up in person to receive it.  Here is an excellent link that will tell you by county what you need to do.

Can we personalize our ceremony?

Yes. It's my specialty! Once you have confirmed your wedding date with me, I will send you ceremony samples to review in order to get an idea of the style of ceremony you prefer and I will ask you both to write to me by email telling me something about yourselves. It can be as simple as how you met, what things you love to do together, what was the moment you knew that he or she was the one and I will take it from there. I will create a personalized ceremony that not only includes the modern or traditional ceremony elements you've chosen, but also is reflective of your personalities, beliefs, and relationship. I want you to shine on your wedding day and I will work closely with you until your ceremony speaks perfectly of you.

Do you perform same sex weddings?

Yes! It is my honor to do so.

My fiance(e) and I come from two different religious backgrounds. Are you able to help us?

Interfaith wedding ceremonies are truly a beautiful thing to behold and I can create a customized ceremony for you that blends your religious traditions while remaining true to both.

We would like to have a religious wedding ceremony, are you able to do that?

Yes, I perform both religious and secular ceremonies.

I don’t want to mention (God, religion, anything spiritual, etc.) in my ceremony. Is that okay?

Definitely! I have many non-religious ceremonies that are more romantic in nature instead of religious. I am happy to work with you to create a custom ceremony that is authentic to you and your beliefs. 

Can we just have a simple no muss, no fuss courthouse type ceremony? 

Of course, you can. While most County Clerks Offices in the State of Tennessee no longer perform courthouse ceremonies, I have a special called "The Quickie" that is simply a short courthouse style ceremony that takes about 10 minutes total including the signing of your marriage license.  The Quickie 

How do we book you?

Simply contact me ( Contact )to check availability for your date. Be sure to tell me the location of your ceremony, if you will need me on a separate day for rehearsal and the size of your wedding. I will then check my calendar and get back to you right away with your quote if I have an opening or to let you know if I don't. I'm happy to speak with you by phone, text, email or video chat. You will then confirm your date with a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling and you’re all set! 

When is my final payment due?

The 50% balance payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the wedding date. You may also pay for your services in full at the time of scheduling if that works better for your wedding budget.

How much do you charge?

My rates depend on the date and location of each wedding and start at $200 with the exception of local ceremonies & elopements which are less. Additional information on pricing is available on my services page,
Services & Pricing but to get an exact rate, simply contact me. Contact

Do you charge separate travel fees?

Only for a separate travel date for rehearsal or if travel is outside my normal service area or requires an overnight accommodation. Also be sure to let me know if your venue charges for parking so that I may add that as well. It's very rare for an Officiant to be charged for parking, but some places like Gaylord in Nashville or some tourist spots such as Lookout Mountain or Ruby Falls do charge admission for your Officiant, so remember to be kind and cover me : ) 

What if I have to change my start time or wedding date?

While I try to be as flexible as possible in accommodating changes, I cannot guarantee my availability for a date or time change. Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to change your wedding date or time so I can try to find a solution for you.

Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?

Yes, for an additional fee of $50 to $75 depending on your location.  At a wedding rehearsal you are simply practicing walking in and walking out, but not the ceremony itself. I will always provide guidelines and write your ceremony in script form so you will know your ceremony from Procession to Recession and may not want (or need) me at the rehearsal. I also provide a "Day Of Rehearsal" that is a simple run through with the wedding party about an hour before the ceremony to make sure everyone is ready, comfortable and knows where they're going. The Bride does not have to participate because her escort will know where she needs to be.

If I still want you to do my rehearsal can I book it now?

Absolutely! If you know when we lock in the date for your wedding that you'll need me for rehearsal too, please go ahead and let me know so that I may hold that date for you as well. While I am not in the habit of Officiating more than one wedding in a day in order to give you all the attention you deserve, I will sometimes have more than one rehearsal to go to on the same days in peak season since they are relatively short, so the sooner I know the better for both of us. 

Do you allow pictures during the ceremony?

Yes, of course! 

My friend wants to marry us. Is that legal?

Tennessee is getting very picky about who may solemnize a wedding ceremony especially with all the online ordination, so I would recommend checking with your local County Clerk's office to make sure they will accept a One Day Only Ordination before making the call to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding.

Obviously, I'm going to encourage you to hire me or another licensed professional or your local church clergy because it's what I do, but also because I've performed several ceremonies for couples who had a friend realize they weren’t up to the task and “chicken out” a week before their wedding. As sweet as it may seem to have your loved one do this for you, it's also ALOT of pressure both for the loved one trying desperately to please you and for your peace of mind as well. As another option, I have also been hired to oversee the loved one on the day of the wedding and to "assist" with the legal portion of the ceremony which is the "Intent" requirement in Tennessee and the signing of your license which I'm happy to do. 

We’re already legally married (but no one knows). Can you still perform a ceremony?

Yes, I do this for a lot of couples each year, especially military couples. It is very illegal to perform a “fake wedding ceremony”, so I'll simply need to see a copy of your marriage certificate before the ceremony. No one will know the difference unless you choose to tell them!

Do you stay for the reception?

Not normally. I will usually make my exit after the ceremony, but it's your choice whether to invite me & my husband to the reception though it is not expected nor required. If you wish for me to attend the reception, please extend a formal invitation to me directly and I will let you know if it’s possible for us to stay.

I know we tip other vendors, but what about the officiant?

Gratuities are never expected, but are always appreciated.

What if I have another question you haven’t answered here?

That’s an easy one! Email me at [email protected] or call me at 931-273-0457 or click here Contact and I will be happy to answer any question you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!